Illustrator Tutorial 3D Ballpoint Pen

Learn how to make a 3D ballpoint pen in adobe illustrator. Also learn to place a logo or text on the side of the pen.

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4 Responses to “Illustrator Tutorial 3D Ballpoint Pen”

  1. creative graphic design Says:

    This is a cool affect! I am taking a Illustrator/Photoshop class and I’m gonna look like a pro using these suggestions.

  2. MAYA Says:

    Nice tutorial very help ful for me for my upcoming project

  3. Sue Fazio Says:

    I am just starting to teach myself Illustrator CS5 but wanted to know if there is anyway to make this tutorial larger so you can see what you are verbally describing – do you ever do a written piece to accompany it e.g. step 1, step 2 etc. great looking ballpoint pen – wow!! I am now trying to do a no smoking sign

  4. admin Says:

    Sure thing! It is actually a Youtube video so you should be able to make it full screen. It may lose a little quality but you should be able to see everything that way. Good luck and thanks for visiting 🙂


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