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As a designer sometimes business can be  kind of slow. Even if you work in house at a place work can sometimes be lacking. This is deffinitely something that rings especially true during the current recession. I think that it is very important to make sure that you are always busy during those times. You should always be trying to better your self by always learning and searching for new and exciting ways to design. Do not make the mistake of wasting your time. One thing that I do when things are going slow is I surf the internet trying to find new resources and freebies. Tutorials can be a very informational tool for you to use and there are soo many good ones out there. In this post I would like to show you some resources that I like and some stuff that I just think that everyone should see. I hope you enjoy.


Design Bum

This guy has some really good freebies here. Light blurs, textures and that sort of thing.


All Graphic Design

This is a good resource if you need some inspiration for your brochure or flyer design. There are also other good links there that you may also enjoy.



This is something that you probably already know about but just in case I put it here. There is a flasheezy, a brusheezy, and a fresheezy. They are all worth checking out. Not something to rely on but they can be helpful.



This is very good stock photography website. It offers a multitude of usable free photography and pictures that you can pay for as well.



As you can imagine this is a website with posters having to do with the music industry. It is great for inspiration for your poster design.



Very good tutorials here. Tutorials can keep you busy for a long time. There is an vectortuts as well.



There are many freebies on this site as well as great tutorials. If you go to the dreamweaver section there are also a lot of good pieces of free coding.


Spoon Graphics

This blog site has a ton of good freebies. The rest of it is worth checking out too.



Be very carefull about how you use free fonts. Almost all free fonts are poorly designed and should be used very carefully. I will use these for titles on display items sometimes. As a rule do not use free fonts unless you have training in typography.


The Grid System

Please use grids. They can be used in many ways. The website linked above has a lot of great information on it. It ranges from articles, books, tools, templates, a blog and more.

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