5 Good Places To Buy Your Mac / Apple Products

Most of us reading this blog post are probably designers, and as designers most of us prefer the Mac. If you are not a designer, Macs definitely have there benifits. They never get viruses and they are definitely way easier to use in general. I am not going to really get into why I like Macs better. I am actually refering to one thing that is way way worse about the Mac here. Macs cost a lot more than any other computer out there in almost every situation. When I was in need of new ram for my Power Mac G5 I was astounded at how much more it was for 2 gig of ram for a Mac as compared to a PC. It was about $100 for Mac and about $36 for a PC. So I am going to compile some links below of the best prices I can find on Mac Products. I hope it is helpful to you.



This is a good bet if you need a good price on some memory.


Google Product

Looks like there are some deals here. This is going to be as good as Amazon or Ebay.


Mac Memory

Another good site for memory.



Good resource for extras, and small things such as ipod skins, cases and etc.


Mac Mall

This is a good resource for products in general.


Those are a few resources I was able to find. I have not personally used any of them, so please do your own research to make sure that they are worth your while. I will try and ad to this list as I find more resources. Please if you know of something good put the link in a comment.

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